Our Strategy

Gulf Ply has developed a clear business strategy to fulfill its principles and values, which is translated into improving its employees’ efficiency, responsibility, and technical skills.

The aim is to reach the highest level of quality by using the latest approaches to provide the customers with the best products.


Fluting paper (FL)
GPP Fluting FROM 90-200 g/m²

Tesliner paper (TL)
GPP Test Liner FROM 90-200 g/m²

Plasterboard paper (PB)
GPP Plasterboard GREY FROM 140-210 g/m²

GPP Plasterboard IVORY FROM 170 – 240 g/m²


Gulf Ply is committed to sustainable development as an approach which gives us the following:

• The ability to work in a fully harmonized environment.
• Helps us increase our productivity and competitiveness.

In fact, our commitment to a comprehensive quality program and setting up world-class standards qualifies us to become ISO 9001 certified.